tales that will be part of the narration of the viewer

this is the way that now at the residency program at La Ferme du buisson http://www.lafermedubuisson.com/ , i am inviting people to participate, the barrow was made in collaboration with Gonzague Lacombe http://www.lasuitegraphique.net/

the words are on postcards that have photographic images that refer to the story, that i made as visual footnotes, and the words are also on pins. both can be taken away by the viewer.

the installation: there is a system that recognizes the words( the form of the symbol) so if the viewer decides that they like a word, they can start up a video story, and at an other point continue with an other one, by choosing an other word, and an other story. there are common words in the stories, so this is the way to navigate in between, and to create their own narrative.